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Matt Warner's Website that has great  before and after pictures of other areas of Rocky Mount that were badly flooded.

Clint Williams site showing dramatic pictures of highway flooding and other locations of Rocky Mount.

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A Torrent of Kindness
an essay on the flooding by noted author 
Allan Gurganus 
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Slide Show from Charlotte Observer about the flooding in areas all over eastern NC
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What We Can Learn from Flooding Experienced by 
Grand Forks, North Dakota in 1997


I found your flood site today.  By publishing this site, you are doing a service for the people of your community, and you will help in the recovery.  I encourage you to keep the site up to date as the city recovers, and to keep your "How to Help" page updated.

I have the 1997 Grand Forks Flood site (http://www.draves.com/gf), which I established after going to Grand Forks after the flood as a volunteer.  I have updated this site several times to show the progress in rebuilding. Grand Forks has made great progress since the flood.  Your city will recover, although people may not believe it now.

I have added a link to your page from the Hurricane Floyd Flooding page on the Grand Forks Flood site.

Alan Draves
1997 Grand Forks Flood

Go here for  Grand Forks, North Dakota Site about Flooding of 1997

".....and Eastern North Carolina was never the same after that"

Also, many thanks to Matt Warner, Clint Williams, Bill Dix, Bruce Knight, 
Larry Burk, Michelle Johnson
Linda Evans, Jeanne McGlohon, Carl Worsley, 
John Mebane, John Jenkins,  Hal Gray, Gene Scarborough, Lee Dawson, Pogie Worsely

for contributing some of the excellent pictures 
used on this site of the other areas of town affected by the flood.

 The URL for this site is: www.danieldesign.com/hurricane.htm 

by Libby Fulford, Tarboro, NC

We spent the night with a friend Wednesday night, they live outside of Tarboro. It was raining very heavily. Early Thursday morning was a rude awaking. There were trees cracking and falling everywhere. The rain had stopped but the wind was at full speed. Later that day my Mom, my older brother, Will, and my Dad went back to my house to see if there was any damage. There wasn't bad damage at all just a couple of trees down. So my Dad said, "I am going to the hog farm and I will be back in about 2 hours," So Will went to go take a nap and my Mom kept looking at the water in the front yard, it was rising she thought. So she went and woke Will up and said we got to get out of her,e we are going to flood! So she called my Dad while Will was getting up. She said you have to come home as fast as you can! So my Dad rushed home and he didn't realize that there was a sink hole in the middle of our driveway and he drove right into it! He totaled his truck but luckily he got himself out.

He waded through waist deep water to see where my Mom and Will were and he found them trying to open the double horse gate. But he couldn't remember the combination! It was bad, he was thinking and thinking and then he remembered, he set it for the last 4 digits of our phone number 6487. They got the gate open and swam out with 8 horses and 4 dogs. Amazing! They saw, when they finally got to dry land, that our next door neighbor's house was completely under water already, because they sat in a very low spot.

When all of this was going on my little brother Spence and I had no idea what was gong on because we were at the friends house! My friends Mom came home and said, "Libby we have to get the 2 horse trailer and hook it up, your Mom had to swim the horses out"! I was so astonished I couldn't even breathe! So I said, "Let GO!" By the time we went across the road to get the trailer, Mr. Steve Redhage, one of our good friends, had heard the news and so he hooked up the trailer and me and him were off to Shiloh Farm Rd.

When we got there I got on my horse and rode them to a nearby house. We had to make 4 loads because we only had a 2 horse trailer and 8 horses. We put the dogs in the back of the truck, and loaded 2 horses up. About 2 hours later we were all together and happy but something was missing I thought! Oh my gosh one of my dogs, Little Bit, wasn't with us, she swam back to her home while we were loading the horses up! So I cried because I thought she can't survive this, it is impossible!

My Dad and Will went back 2 days later to our house to see the destruction the murky waters had done!. Guess what! They found my dog, Little Bit, on top of one of our barns! SHE WAS ALIVE AND HAPPY TO SEE US! They bought her back and she was happy to see everyone and especially the other dogs and the FOOD!

About 2 weeks later we moved into a new house in Leggett. Just a temporary house though until we can get another one to buy and put up 12 feet tall so we won't every flood again! We are happy and content now and we pray every night for everyone and that this terrible natural disaster will never happen again.

Libby Fulford
Tarboro, North Carolina