Hurricane Floyd Flooding 
 Rocky Mount, NC Area September 16, 1999

7:00 AM Sept. 16;  Candlewood & Steeplechase Rd
Early in the morning

3:00 PM Sept. 16;  Candlewood & Steeplechase Rd.
Later in afternoon

Candlewood Chronicles Other areas 
Rocky Mount
Aerial Views of
Rocky Mount
Tarboro and
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Discovery Channel Documentary   
Children's Artwork of the Flood
Tell US YOUR Flood Story!

Tarrytown Mall Finally Comes Down
The most visible and painful reminder of Floyd Flooding, Tarrytown Mall,
finally came down March 19, 2006.  Once a magnificent commercial crossroads for
Eastern NC, the flooded remains standing in weeds for nearly 6 years was a
demoralizing symbol of the many ways our area suffered a variety of economic losses.
It is being replaced by a Sam's Club and signs of an invigorated economy are emerging.

Houses Demolished in FEMA Buyout

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This is a chronicle of events recorded during and after
the devastating Hurricane Floyd that flooded Eastern North Carolina on September 16-17, 1999.  
Many pictures show  the Candlewood neighborhood of Rocky Mount, North Carolina
that backs up to the usually tame Stony Creek, which flows into the Tar River. 
There are also pictures of other areas in our community depicting this tragic and unexpected event.

It should be noted that Floyd left flood waters covering all of Eastern NC,
dealing a devastating blow to everyone in low-lying areas. 
In particularly, there are thousands of  people who will never be able to recoup 
or rebuild their losses or livelihoods ....truly the storm of the century.

A personal note:
Never in my wildest dreams did I realize that I would be documenting such a tragic event when I grabbed 
my camera early the morning of  September 16 and the days that followed. 
At the request of  my neighbors, family and friends, I began posting these pictures temporarily on my 
company website for the convenience of sharing the pictures of  the damage from Floyd's flooding.
I don't think any of us realized how bad it would continue to get.....even now it is hard to believe what happened!

I thank the many people who have taken an interest in this site and contributed  pictures of the flooding from other 
areas of Rocky Mount, Tarboro, and the surrounding community. I will do my best to keep them updated
and hopefully show the progress that is being made as everyone deals with the devastating aftermath.

I have been astounded over the more than 3,000,000 accesses to this site over the past year
 and appreciate the hundreds who have sent their  heartfelt messages, prayers, and assistance to the people of our area. 

.....Nothing is more devastating and utterly ruinous as a flood.

Martha W. Daniel

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