Flooding in Other Areas Around Rocky Mount 
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Over 22% of Rocky Mount was flooded 
(see City map showing flooded areas) and Aerial Views

Rocky Mount Mills Dam on the Tar River - Flooded Conditions
Note gate house, which sits 7 feet above the dam,
at one point was covered with water. Picture taken by John Mebane
the day after River had crested.

Normal conditions at Rocky Mount Mills Dam

Front Yard of Martin Hood residence in Greystone; garage underwater.
Back Yard shown below. Back deck is 18 feet from the ground

Linda and Randy Evans House in Greystone 
after Stony Creek water was beginning to recede.

Horace and Betty Penny's home on Carriage Trail
near Hwy 64

Hardee's on Sunset Ave.

Tarrytown Mall (upper arrow) and Ihop/Lowes
on Hwy 301 looking south

Once the largest Mall east of Greensboro when built in the 60's
Tarrytown Mall was completely flooded.
Millions of dollars worth of  the
soggy merchandise was pulled  and declared a loss, along with a charter school. 
As of
December 1999, there have been no plans to rebuild.
(NOTE: as of March 2006, it is finally being torn down and replaced
by a Sam's Club. See photo at www.danieldesign.com/hurricane.htm


Sunset Ave. looking west towards Power Plant taken from Quintessentials

Fairview Road at E. Grand Avenue looking East

Winstead Avenue near Hospital
Water had subsided but road still closed.
Note the mattress size pieces of concrete peeled up on rail

Major roads into and out of Rocky Mount were blocked for 2 days
by flooding of the Tar River and Stony Creek
Nearby Interstate 95 also closed for 3 days

This picture taken at MacDonald's/Taco Bell on Sunset shows an incredibly large body of water
created by the flooding and merger of the Tar River and Stony Creek
that stretched from this point to City Lake to Rivera Drive and on to Tar River.
Tarrytown Mall, Chamber of Commerce,  Lowe's, old Kmart Plaza, 
Quintessentials, Hwy 301 and 64 intersection , and a good portion of  West Haven 
(Lafayette Circle and Wildwood Ave) submerged under this huge lake that was formed.

On Forest Hills looking towards Sunset Ave.
the day of the flood

Remax Bldg on Winstead Ave. 
More homes and Thorpe Cabin behind it also deeply under water

Intersection of  Hwy 301 at Hwy 64 Bypass
....after water had dropped 12 feet
is part of the large body of water that stretched to MacDonalds
Lowe's has not yet been able to reopen 6 days later

One of the worst situations in town....Lafayette Circle in West Haven 4 days after the flood
still full of  water from nearby Tar River. House in background is second floor.
Salvaging crew paddling with a chair and a cabinet door. (many had boats, but no paddles!)
All houses here may be part of a FEMA buy-out.

Lafayette Circle home. One of the nicest neighborhoods in Rocky Mount. 
The Tar River overflowed the dike surrounding this neighborhood and inundated these lovely
homes for days. The water rose during the night and caught everyone by complete surprise.
Some were rescued hanging onto tree branches for 3 hours after swimming out of their homes.

Another Lafayette Circle home. Water line was up to second story and many
residents had to be rescued by boat from their second story roof.

Jimmy Keel watches as the Tar River flows
into his house near the Arts Center

Around the corner at Westover Court at the residence of 
Jeff Batts. Emergency personnel helped rescue thousands of 
people from their flooded homes.

Riverside Apartments: The saddest scene in all of Rocky Mount, 
displacing hundreds of mostly elderly retirees and young couples. Located close to the
Tar River, these residents had to be rescued by boat at night; it is miraculous that no one drowned.
All their belongings and cars were lost, with nearly all apartments flooding to the ceiling.
There is no other place for these people to live that offers the same amenities for a very modest price.

Residents of nearby S. Taylor Street were only a block from the Tar River.
Some families are living in trailers in the yard while they try to decide to build back.

The Rocky Mount Arts Center was heavily damaged by the flooding that
reached as high as the second floor of the well-known Hines Gallery that was created by
renovating a water tank in the 60's. Many paintings, sculpture, kilns, equipment were destroyed.

The wonderful Rocky Mount Playhouse, located on the same campus with the Arts Center
also was inundated by the flooding. Sadly, so many of Rocky Mount's cultural and recreational centers were nearly destroyed. In addition, The Children's Museum and Sunset Park were heavily damaged and even 4 out of the 8 available movie screens were lost with the flooding of K-Mart Cinema.

These are views taken on the 16th of September at around 9AM from
 front yard in the 1700 block of Maple Creek Drive looking North. 

A close call near Dortches

Enfield, NC -
Trees down on the Gray home in Randolph Pines neighborhood

Houses shown above and below on Leggett Road off Hwy 97 near Rocky Mount.
This area was one of the largest areas of flooding. Note the high water line
can bee seen by the discoloring of the exteriors of these houses and even the fence, grass and
 ground was left with a brown, odiferous coating of mud and unknown material.

Floating casket settled in the yard of these boys who live near Dunbar.

Femaville. Hundreds of temporary trailers were brought into Rocky Mount
by FEMA to house just some of the the thousands in the Rocky Mount-Tarboro area
who lost everything and had no place to go after staying in the shelters. 

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