Personal History Documentaries

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Everyone Has A Story!!!!


We can help you preserve family memories for years to come;  we draw upon our years of collaboration and offer you the full range of our skills at reasonable and modest prices.

Why commission a personal history documentary?

  • It is the perfect way to honor one’s elders and preserve their stories, images, and essence for younger generations. Siblings connect to create a precious heirloom for their parents and themselves. Treasured family history comes alive in an artistic and meaningful way, allowing future generations access to the treasures of the past. We are are also able scan in your old and new still photos and older film into to the video story of your life, as well as add appropriate music. All saved to DVD to be enjoyed for years

  • Others seek to record their own history—to give family and friends a memento of their lives, to recount the tale of one’s career or of building a business—a memoir to pass the wisdom of one’s life to future generations.

  • Still others seek to have a video tribute to be shared at an important event—a birthday party, anniversary celebration, retirement roast, wedding, rehearsal dinner, bar/bat mitzvah






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 All saved to color DVD disc (in a jewel case with cover and other information) to be enjoyed for years


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short clip excerpt  from a personal documentary