Small 8x10 color caricature of 2 subjects, simple objects in hands, no matboard, $150; tax and shipping extra

Small 8x10 caricature 2 subjects, simple objects in hands,can also be converted to black and white line drawing for printing on  napkins, coozies, etc.  and shipping extra

Detail of Small 8x10 color caricature
1 subject, simple objects in hands, no matboard: $120; tax and shipping extra.

A Larger color caricature (16x20" size) in a 2" matboard of 1 subject with multiple detailed items, $170 tax and shipping extra.

Large  caricature multiple persons

and  objects in hands,  etc. Call to discuss details,  pricing & size.


Ideal for wedding websites, gifts, Christmas Cards, for Retirement gifts, most any occasion. Call or email for more information for great results, delivery times, etc.

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A Caricature is a humorous cartoon-type drawing of a person often done with exaggeration of  features and highlighting certain characteristics of the subject. Long a specialty of Daniel Design, such drawings or caricatures are very popular as gifts or special presentations (retirement, momentous birthdays, a "group" gift). Every year Daniel Design is commissioned to create innumerable caricatures, in particular, caricatures of  our local outgoing Chamber of Commerce Chairman and the Red Cross Chairman, to name a few!   They are always a big hit with the recipients.  They can be just a simple drawing or intensely personal and elaborate, recording many things about the subject's life.....but they can only be as "good" as the information provided by YOU from which to work. Doing the research .....sending me pictures of logos, brands, photos, pets, clothing items in DIGITAL format emailed to me is up to YOU


General Specifications. Size: Usually created in full color permanent marker  and arrives mounted in in 2 " wide matboard (light gray) ready to fit in a standard frame (not included but easily and  readily available in local Micheals or Hobby Lobby store.


Large Detailed Caricature: A 16x20 color Caricature of 1 person or subject surrounded by other personal effects or information. The most popular size with gray mat with acetate protective cover. (Will fit a 16x20" ready made frame or can be professionally framed.) 4-5 week delivery time. No orders after October 31 for Christmas delivery. Price  for 16x20" size including extensive personal detail (one person subject matter) is $180 plus NC Taxes and shipping or mailing if needed). Gift Certificates available to arrive before Christmas and delivered following January.


The Large "Couple" Caricature: 16x20 of two people surrounded by other personal effects or information;with gray mat with acetate protective cover. $235.00 Will fit a 16x20" ready made frame or can be professionally framed.) 4-5 week delivery time. No orders after October 31 for Christmas delivery. NC Taxes and shipping if needed)j. will be added extra.


The Small "Couple" Caricature: a simpler, 8x10 color caricature, not as detailed as the large caricature described above but with two people. Must send good DIGITAL photos, describe clothing and 1 something typical that they might hold in hands. Good for save the date or party invitations. Unmatted in color $150.00. Black and white line art also available for $120.00 (good for invitations, reproducing on coozies, wedding booklets, etc). Dog or cat is $20 extra; digital picture required. For an additional $30, I can scan the caricature in digital format and put on a CD for you to take to your printer for purposes of an invitation or booklet.. Usual 3 week turn around for caricature.



I have a  check list of suggestions and information that is needed in order to produce the detailed caricature that is sure to please.   After reading this information, if you are interested in ordering a caricature, please email or call  me for specifics and delivery times. No orders for Christmas delivery are taken after November 1 through January 2.


Best of all please call me to discuss your specific needs
at 252 813 9103 before you send anything.


Mailing Address: Daniel Design Associates          252 813 9103 cell and text

                              132 Candlewood Rd          

                               Rocky  Mount, NC 27804



Thank you for your interest!!


Important Check List

This is information I'll Need to be EMAILED TO ME. Please use DIGITAL IMAGES •    (252) 813 9103


Thank you for your interest in the personalized caricatures! Remember that they can only be as good as the information YOU provide for them! What makes them so special is the thought and detail about the subject that has been included in the picture. The research is up to you. In order to help me produce a successful caricature that is certain to please the recipient, please note. You can find most anything by googling it on your computer, copy the image, put in a file and email these items to me.

(print this out and use a check list of things to send to me)


(Note: If you subject is a woman, be aware that some women do NOT like funny pictures of themselves!! These caricatures are NOT PORTRAITS! Be sure your recipient is a good sport and has a sense of humor…..or has a good self image. I do not put in items that would be humiliating to the subject nor do I include items that would portray them in a bad light. I do try to "slim down" all women, which is always a pleaser!


    1. A good Color photo, facing front of the recipient, preferably smiling with the head area at least 2" high. An 5x7 "Olin Mills" family portrait, or " Church Directory" picture works very well.


2.Please send additional digital snap shot of the person to show how they dress, clothing preference, (golf outfit, suit, uniform, etc)  body shape, etc. but a good, clear MAIN photo is a necessity. A black & white "business" photo is okay, but get a SMILING one and also send snap shots showing skin coloring. If the subject has a family, send digital photo, describe hair color, etc


3.Please let me know the SPECIFIC hair and eye color; since it is not always accurate or obvious from photographs or digital images.


4. Specify exactly what you want the subject to be wearing. (i.e., dark suit, striped tie; white tennis skirt, turquoise top; navy & teal jogging clothes; camoflage hunting gear; pilot uniform; miliary uniform ).


5. Also note what you want the subject to be holding in BOTH their hands (golf club & telephone; baby and cooking pot; fishing rod & day runner, etc). This usually sets the "theme".


6.If there is a specific item, look, brand, etc. (special tennis racquet, RUNNING SHOES, ETC, a brand of anything special, exotic liqueur, brand of cooking oil, model of riding tractor, BMW keys, etc) that you want to include, please google the item, copy and email to me. If you have questions, please call me.. ALL Research is up to YOU, otherwise the drawing of the object will be generic, not specific. It is the detail and thought that makes these caricatures special.


7.    Include special items to go in "frames" behind the subject……. such as a college diploma, professional certificates, awards, company plaque , honors…..things the subject is proud of or is distinguishing about them. (see example of "Chuck" on Daniel Design website) You do not have to include copies of diplomas, just be sure how they are worded. (University of North Carolina School of Medicine)… and include school colors or logos or seals. I also need the FULL NAME of the subject and current approximate age.


8. Include list of hobbies, special interests, favorite foods, beverages. Include digital photos or similar pictures if possible. Photos of family and pets, encourage. List names, ages of children and spouse with brief description. I usually try to include a small "photo" of them, too.


9 Make list of ‘Things To Do" for the subject……ie, Tuesday: Lunch with Jan & Rob; Pay tuition for Scooter; Go to Beach house with Emily; Make plans for European trip’; Tennis Team practice Wed., Church Elders meeting Monday, Scout troop overnight Friday, etc.


10 Books….subjects of their interests or  that could be tongue in cheek or slight jab……How to Keep Your Temper, Organizing Your Desk; Cooking for Dummies; Eating Out; Brain Surgery Made Simple. Gardening for Pleasure, etc,


 11 You may also want to email digital photos specific items (Tshirts, family pet,  labels, logos, newspaper articles, etc.) They will be returned with the item if needed. Anything pictured in a digital that you wish to email  to make the caricature more meaningful is great!


If you have questions, please contact me. Call /text me 252 813 9103 or email me at


Martha Daniel